An intimate toilet area with peculiar, custom made details.

EKKO toilet area

Toilet area

For almost 35 years music venue EKKO is known for their sharp profile of new and promising artists, from gritty grunch bands to hipster hip hop acts. Acts such as Franz Ferdinand, The Black Keys, Father John Misty, Grizzly Bear, Nils Frahm and many others performed in EKKO in their early days. Being the only music venue left in the inner city of Utrecht still housing a historical location next to the authentic canals, the interior is an essential part of the experience of a night spent in EKKO.

With serving a wide variety of both acts and visitors, Studio TOIMII created a character profile and mood board, by analyzing EKKO’s guests, corporate identity, marketing campaigns and programming. With a defined profile and functional requirements, the cloakroom, the toilet area and the backstage room were redesigned and furnished with minimal, effective means and a strict budget.

The toilet area had been built more than 20 years ago, which required complete renovation. The space was stripped to the ground and fully rebuild, based upon the existing piping, forming a new interior, with modern, spacious yet intimate, private toilet rooms.

The entry has been restored according to the historic feel of the residence, using 30’s sliding doors with matt, reeded glass and an alcove storage with a quirky, vintage porcelain hand lamp was added. The toilet rooms are furnished with fitting porcelain toilets and sinks, complemented with functional, modern accessories and custom designed detailing.

The subdued colours, matte materials and black accessories form a suitable balance with the warm atmosphere of the historic building and its wooden, ornamented interior. The intimate, functional toilet area with minimalist, peculiar details resemble both EKKO’s heritage and their historical location.

EKKO interior toilet area minimalist mirror design Studio TOIMII

Photos by Tom Philip Janssen.